Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Poppies

Well Hello Love Muffins.
I know I said I was signing off for the weekend. But here I actually am because I'm excited to be nominated for a Poppies Award. Really?? My new little blog??
I'm surprised by how much I like blogging. I love reading comments and connecting with you and making friends with you. I appreciate that you don't make fun of my stream of consciousness style and sometimes poor grammar. (You DON'T, do you?!) And the fact that there are some souls out there who share the same idiosyncrasies and interests really means something to me.
If you want to nominate my blog you can go here. The nominations run from January 6-12 and the top 5 will become finalists. Thank you so much Mandy and Abby. I love that you thought of me. It warmed my heart.
Oh, and just to clarify, I looked up "love muffin" in the online urban dictionary and unbeknownst to me one of the definitions is as follows:
"(Noun) An enormous turd, shit nugget or any other type of fecal matter left behind in a toilet for the next person entering the bathroom to find. (note: usually does not have a smell)"
WHO knew??? Especially the detail re. the lack of smell?? (I'm laughing really hard right now and questioning the wisdom of including that naughty word in my blog....) Please be assured that is not the definition I had in mind when I called you such. I was thinking more along the lines of this definition:
"Someone being your lover, but on the side, or just insanely and amazingly gorgeous." Except more the insanely gorgeous part and not so much the on the side lover part. That would be weird..


abby try again said...

Good morning!
Ah, blogging...what a great journey it can be, right? Thank YOU for sharing YOURSELF with us, you love muffin you. And how funny, the link you put to my blog goes back to a very specific post four years ago...did you mean to do that? I'm glad you did. I feel much the same way then as I do now and it's nice to look back...happy weekend!

Liane said...

Abby- Oh Man! No, that was carelessness. I'm rushing to get to my son's basketball game so going too fast. Sorry. I fixed the that ok?

abby try again said...

Of course, either way is fine :)
I loved the fact that that post was a bout "why I blog" seemed appropriate :)
Have a fun time at the game!

alexkeller said...

oh, congrats! i just went and nominated you! (still laughing about love muffin!!!)

littlebyrd said...

Oh definitely! I love your blog!! You've got my vote :)

Persimmon and Pine said...

The pleasure was all mine! The connections I've formed this past year with fellow artisans has been invaluable. Liane - you give me great inspiration to honor my viewpoint and follow my dreams. Thank you! Cheers!