Friday, January 8, 2010

interiors junkie (omoo edition)

One of my earliest flickr friends was Jim or "omoo". He's a prolific photographer and takes lots of shots on the streets in NYC as well as in both his city and summer homes. He's a book lover and has an amazing library. I especially love the shots he's taken of his home in upstate New York. So with his permission here is a sampling of what you will find on his flickr stream.
And now I am signing off for the week. I went out with the girls last night and didn't get home till 1:30 AM. And this is how I feel today. Except the girl version.


Debra said...

I'm going over to check out omoo's flickr stream. You crack me up, Liane. :D That hangover photo is hilarious. If you're feeling like that, you better get to bed. Have a great weekend!


freefalling said...

I'm a big fan of omoo, too.
I especially love the green bedroom in his city place.
Plus, he's a really nice person!

Graça Paz said...

Since i saw your Etsy video(that i LOVE) I visit your blog every nigth and it´s always a pleasute to see authenticity!*

Graça Paz from Portugal