Thursday, February 11, 2010

linnet and blood orange and i can to be charming

hello my little chickens. i've been meaning to place an order with this shop above, linnet, forever. don't you especially love that last skirt pictured?
and, do you remember a shop called blood orange which used to be on etsy? she has a big cartel shop now and she purchases her linen from linnet. she also has a blog. she's not keeping up with it but you may want to poke around anyhow. i like it.
lastly, i'm going over to a friend's house tonite with some other friends. like a giant friend-fest. which should be fun. except i'm tired and kind of a homebody.
sometimes i have to force myself to go out and i generally don't regret it. except when i'm in my little anti-social bubble. do you have one of those? where you feel incapable of being social and just feel all-around awkward? i blame it on my star sign which is gemini. i can be completely charming (yes! it's true, don't laugh!) or else a bumbling ding dong.
fingers crossed for charming. nobody wants a ding dong at their party.


astulabee/nicole said...

oh lady everyone wants both a charmer and a ding dong at their party. you're covered.

Anonymous said...

I know exactly what you mean! And I'm not even a gemini.

And Liane, Linnet is just the kind of place that gets me all crazy inside. That linen toweling is a pure delicacy.

littlebyrd said...

YES! I have that same bubble ;)
Oh - you are a Gemini....I am so fond of Geminis. No wonder you remind me of one of my good friends, she be a gemini too. Have fun tonight!! I like these clothes. alot.

vintage simple said...

Wow. Love the photos...everything about them, actually.

I can totally relate as far as the bubble...and I'm not a Gemini. Hope the night was fun, whatever mood it found you in.