Wednesday, February 10, 2010


when i was in college i took a photography class and my final project was a collection of pictures i took in the early morning hours. i set my alarm clock for 4 AM and walked around town with my camera. i remember feeling really at peace during these times. when the sun started to rise i walked back home.
now that i think about it this was not the safest thing for a 19 year old girl to be doing but i'm so glad i did it still. my professor wasn't a fan of mine for some reason and i think my final grade was a C. the only non-A grade i ever received in art.
anyway. i recall one time i was walked past this trailer and saw a teenaged boy kissing a teenaged girl through her bedroom window by the light of the street lamp. the town was asleep. her parents were asleep. all the houses were dark. it was just me, them and the bugs buzzing around those street lights. perfect.
*image source here.


Alyssa Zygmunt said...

you always delight me with your words and visions. I give you an "A" all around.

**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

sweet memories!

Tone Lileng said...

Great consept and captured moments, - and a beautiful Romeo and Juliet glimps in the window. I give you an A as well ;)

greenemama said...

this is really nice.

erin said...

lovely memory, liane. grades are stupid.

Melissa de la Fuente said...

What a great story....and an awesome memory.

Miss Crowland said...

That's a really cool idea. Being up at that time always feels like you're in a secret world.