Friday, February 26, 2010

one room school house

*images via the orange kid


**WE BLOG ARTISTS** said...

I LOVE these old School Houses...we have lots up here in Canada in the countryside.
Have a great weekend Liane.

Tone Lileng said...

Watching these images makes me want to run off to my studio and paint. I love the deserted feeling of lived life in architecture. - And thank you very much for your lovely pillow. It arrived today, perfectly well. So now it's moving around in my house trying to find it's perfect place. From Tone in Norway

ericawalker said...

i love these photos and the buildings- you know how i love tiny houses.
(ps. i guess you have power...not us)

LINDSAY said...

Has you ever been to an amish territory? I think you would like it. always one room school houses. and horse drawn carriages, little children mending fences, girls making baskets, and grandma's shelling peas on fronts porches. I used to go there to get our horses shod. Another way of life. Charming really.

A Perfect Gray said...