Saturday, February 20, 2010

this is the music i wanna listen to tonite

OK, so he talks and fumbles around with his harmonicas till about 1 minute 45 seconds. If you feel impatient skip straight to there. But if I were you, and this is not a threat but a friendly suggestion, I would listen to this. Are you old enough to take a trip down good old memory lane with Neil? It's a nice little trip. (no pun intended. heh)

ps- i was 4 years old in '71. but i hung with a hippie crowd in college. just so you don't start thinking I'm even older than I already am.


slinkymalinkicat said...

I can't believe it has taken me this long to find your blog .... which I love! :)

This song is one of the most spell binding songs ever, and it always manages to put a lump in my throat.

alexkeller said...

hey - we're the same age!

Lisa at merryhappyjoyjoy said...

Just getting a little liane-fix here and found this. He's so cute in this video. I was 10 in '71 and lived and breathed him in the mid-70's and for the next ten years. Nice stroll. Muchas gracias!