Saturday, February 20, 2010

walker silverworks

I was just feeling lonely for my friend Erica. We never see each other and she's one of the rockingest women I know. She's actually the lady who first introduced me to Etsy and by extension the internet craft world at large and indirectly to you. OMG.. She really is the whole reason I am here and running my little bidness. So, Erica, if you read this I miss you and thank you. And peeps, go check out Erica's Etsy shop, Walker Silverworks.


ericawalker said...

did you mean to make me cry...?
i miss you too and think of you more often than you know.
i'm not going to go on and on here, so let me just say thank you, i adore you- xoe

3dots said...

I love Erica!
and her work!

Lambert said...

Erica has a stunning shop and very creative designs.