Sunday, March 14, 2010

auction goods and patch rugs

Here are a few things I'd like to bid on at an upcoming auction in April.
Nice, no?

And here are some patched oriental rugs I found the other day. Bad me, at the moment I can't find the link to the shop which sells these (surry rugs). I will find it and post when I do. But I'm not sure what I think of these..

Oh, and by the way, that chair I said I HAD TO HAVE at the auction last was kind of sucky up close. So I didn't bid. But, I did get some great worn quilts including 2 patchwork and one crazy quilt. Some pillows made from these will be in the shop tomorrow.
And did you know International Quilt Day is March 20?? Oh my god, let the celebration begin! haha. I imagine the whole world will shut down and there will be dancing in the streets and everyone will be all "quilts this and quilts that."
I kid.
I love quilts but sometimes I think all the "days" devoted to this and that are goofy.
Okey doke, see you tomorrow. Enjoy the day today. I have to go to a wedding shower later. Then I'll probably stop in at an antique shop and the thrift before coming home.


alexkeller said...

oh, man - i love that shelf/storage unit. just think of the displays....
and i do like the patched rugs. i think it's great way to rescue pieces of old worn out rugs.

Carlene said...

I love the patched rugs! gorgeous.

Kickcan and Conkers said...

You can find lunch pails like the one in the top pic fairly easily in France for 5 / 10 EUR, I'll look out for you when the fleamarkets start again...