Thursday, March 4, 2010


i'm in one of those fits where i want to completely redo my house.
white floors? farrow and ball wallpaper?

this nathalie lete little head bust thingo...digging.

i'm completely into amanda aka soulemama's new dark hair color. girl crush. must copy.

i really have no words. kim's product photos for her vintage shop trampoline are the best on etsy. victoria over on sfgirlbybay highlighted kim's photo skillz and shop today.


A Perfect Gray said...

O how I want that head. It would make me happy every day!

c.s. said...

White floors and that wallpaper sounds lovely! I love the look of white floors, but I'm not sure my husband would understand painting a wooden floor :)

Vintage Simple said...

Oh, GOD. White floors and wallpaper - lady, I think we're having the same fantasies... I hope you act on yours, because other than the white floors upstairs, I am completely stuck with the wallpaper - have been for over a year!

Can't wait to see.... :)


ps: and yes, Kim's photos, goodies - and have you seen her house? - are all gorgeous.

ethanollie said...

i just saw this little mention, thank you... sneaky :)