Wednesday, March 3, 2010

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So, yeah. I'm exhausted. I don't know if it's all the walking I've been doing or more of an emotional exhaustion...or both. I have exciting things happening in my life these days but still the same old burdens and also some confusion as to how to proceed with the exciting things. Was that last sentence maddeningly crytic? Sor-ry.
Plus, I'm wondering...what is the function of this blog? Sometimes I post pictures that inspire me, sometimes I try to be funny and entertain you and then sometimes, like now, I get all, grab a glass of wine and let's talk about L.I.F.E. Is it ok for this place to be all of those things? And is this even a place? And if the blog shares a name with my business is it ok to get personal? And then, will I know where to draw the line? Last, does anyone really care??
Well, please comment and set me straight on all counts. I know you have the answers. Don't be coy. Give it up.
About the pictures. They are just a little internets trip I went on earlier when I was eating lunch. They originated with that fabuloso image of the mill wheel. Do you not want to make/have one of those in the crik out back? Maybe you can rig it to power your laptop or somethin'. Anyways, I found that picture over at Lambert NYC. I've blogged about Laurent before but it bears repeating...he's funny, he's smokin' hot, and he's ready to blog. Follow him, lovers. I think his blog will be delish.
*other image sources: here and here.


A Perfect Gray said...

wow! you are right where I am with my blog. I am fairly new at it and am so wracked as to what direction to take. Personal? Nonpersonal? My own wit? Guess it just has to evolve. I have loved reading yours. The best advice I got was readers want to see 'real.'

Geez, I don't even know if that helps. . .

ethanollie said...

the real dealeo my friend. one can only look at blogs full of only 'inspirational' photos for so long before it all starts to look the same. offering pieces of oneself is the only way to keep it truly unique.

astulabee/nicole said...

Oh hell, I just posted half naked + fully naked people and middle finger tattooed swords AND the word 'bitchintheass' on my blog...all in one post all while selling child friendly plush.
fuck it. get personal.
(you are already quite a funny breath of fresh air by the way...though I worry with all your found dream homes you'll be running off to far away lands any sec and they'll be no more blog for us!)

Carlene said...

I love your inspirational photos, and you find great links, but I think I speak for the entire internet when I say I'd love it more if you'd tell us about you.

Susan said...

what matters to me here in your space:

1. you love joanna too :) and btw, in person? she's ever more magical. can't wait for your review!

2. it's so peaceful here. not sure why but it's a lovely quiet gorgeous generous space you've made/built and I truly hope it's here to stay in whatever configuration works for you.

3. where you live and what you love is my favorite dream life

4. what nicole said (2nd part beginning with "you are already...").

5. every single link you post speaks to me, makes me so glad to have a fellow quirk traveler on this road. and then I get to share and MY friends think I'm genius for finding these cool things... like borrowed awesomeness :)

6. probably enough for now, right? let me know if you want/need more. OH!!! fabulous photos of fabric. very important factor! not to mention what you do with it. sigh.

Liane said...

Hey ladies- have I told you lately that I LOVE YOU?
Thanks for the reinforcement. Just writing it down here made me feel better and then reading your comments made me practically bust open wishing you were close-by friends. Thanks. I truly appreciate it. I think I will just keep posting as I have because babies, this is the real me. If I ever cross a line or make you see zzzzzzz's please let me know. Otherwise, full steam ahead.
xo to mega-eternity,

Mandy Behrens said...

PLEASE don't stop what you're doing and how you're doing it. I love getting to know YOU better. I'm not yet up with my new shop but I ALWAYS find time to check enhabiten. It pisses me off that I'm on the opposite coast and my input/feedback is are probably long checked out by the time you read my comments. But, just know that you're amazing and have been a great cyber-friend! Cheers, Mandy

Eva said...

It's your place and I like to find here whatever makes you tick. Your blog is interesting and fresh as it is.

PS good luck with the indigo! Let me know how it goes :)

sk said...

Gorgeous pictures!
And good questions. I think it's totally fine, even charming, for you to get personal on a blog that shares your business name. I find it boring to read business-only blogs, so this is probably a great way to get people to pay attention to your business!

BananaSaurusRex said...

Um. You rock. Never stop.

littlebyrd said...

Keep doing what feels good, I say. I really like that thisw this is a mix of stuff: biz, personal, etc.

sara T said...

Real is good! I'd be so curious to know how you've gotten where you are!

Graça Paz said...

Everything in this blog is bout you,your personality in your work,and in your house,and you post everything with your heart and does who read it ...feal it !! and that´s nothing more inspirational than taht and plus I can´t imagine a work with the person behind that work ,that sells the work and makes us fell with bougth something special for beeing you!
A kiss from portugal

Graça Paz