Wednesday, March 10, 2010

blog it forward, baby

it's my turn to share with you what inspires me!
thanks to eklektick for the intro and please be sure to check out
evenstar-art and her blog it forward post tomorrow.
thanks to victoria at sfgirlbybay for her hard work on this project.
you can read more about it here.

and so the following are the things currently on my mind:

vintage textiles and hand stitching

eccentric and personal interiors

vintage utilitarian objects


i have quite a few. i love non-fiction but my heart is with fiction. when i am lost in a good book there is nowhere else i'd rather be. historical novels are a favorite.

landscape and landscape paintings

small remote towns in far away places

homesteading and self-sufficiency
my first introduction to these ideas was in my early 20s and began with reading about
helen and scott nearing and living the good life.
good music
i regularly post music videos on my blog. perhaps to the consternation of my readers.
lucky for them and unfortunately for me we are not in the same room with me saying,
no, you HAVE to listen to this.


funny is pretty important to me. for instance, i spent a good 15 minutes laughing hard over this list this morning.

and last but not least, since launching this little blog i am always inspired by the lovely lovers who bother to stop in and read it. man i love you. like, big fat love.
xo to eternity,


A Perfect Gray said...

enjoyed that little look inside you. thanks

Melissa de la Fuente said...

We love you too and you know...I am starting to think perhaps you are Scout, from to Kill a mockingbird, all grown up...hmm? And I love your inspirations, they are warm, real and lovely. Probably a lot like you.

Sunflower said...

wonderful. especially the picture of the houses.....we live in the city and just long to get away from here and be out in the forest again. cities are just fun to visit. but your blog is my favorite. it's just so much like me, the things i love. thank you for giving me such a great thing to look forward to each day!!!

Kickcan and Conkers said...

Lovely inspirations.

Fringe said...

I love the combination of your inspirations...they are perfectly, exactly, wonderfully you, just how I think of you, that is.

Thank you for sharing...I love you too.


sfgirlbybay said...

ah, a girl after my own heart. i love this. thanks liane! makes me feel warm and fuzzy, but just enough. :) xo

Shayna said...

this is great! i love all of these images...

Clementine said...

Ohhhh, yes. This is just right. Especially those tiny villages in remote places. Perfect!!

Katy said...

What a wonderful list of inspirations......

M and E said...

Lovely list of inspirations. I cracked up over the list of patient chart entries. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

Graciel @ Evenstar Art said...

Oh, yes I am so very with you on vintage textiles, books (swoon!) and the Nearings. I am too lazy for homesteading ,but love the idea of it. :)

How wonderful to meet you!

BIF fan,

Brooke said...

You are awesome. So is this post! :)

snappingtwig said...

what a lovely brain.
sooooo glad you share it.