Wednesday, March 24, 2010

inspired interiors

Just a collection of spaces I'm liking.  Oh, plus painted trunks.  I'm realy loving the decorative comb-painting on the door in the fourth picture down.  I am having a hard time finding other images with similar decorative painting.  You guys know of any?
It's been one of those days I seem to be having a WHOLE LOT OF lately.  I'm very unproductive.  It's annoying.  I'm annoying myself.  I hate that.

*images courtesy of,,,  i hope i have these sources right.  my notes are a crazy mess.


BananaSaurusRex said...

I had a roommate once, who was writing a novel. The one thing I remember about it was the phrase "they were annoyed and annoying."

Melissa de la Fuente said...

Well, you are NOT annoying me! These are beautiful...especially that kitchen. *sigh* Give yourself a break....okay? :)

Simple Dreams said...

I decided to check your blog again before closing up for the night and recognized the kitchen, with the pink fridge, in the 2nd photo, from a Country Living magazine. Two summers ago dear friends of mine, from Chicago, were going to Texas to scout out houses and I suggested if they are anywhere near Round Top to stop in the Marberger Antique show because Robin Brown (owner of the cottage with the pink fridge) of Magnolia Pearl would be displaying her bold textiles. My friend has somewhat similar taste, not quite the pink fridge, don't think her husband would let things get that wild. My friend "C" brought me Robin's new book "A bit of Velvet and a Dash of Lace", personalized and signed. I'm not into the heavy tapestry textiles but you might enjoy the opening photo in the book with a rustic home/garden, an interesting photo of Robin on page 10 and the opening line to her book is, "Have you ever seen Jerry Garcia Naked?........not what you think. This book helps to understand her wild style and pink fridge.
That pink fridge brought back memories of "C" and I sitting up talking into the wee hours during her visit with me in Missouri on their way back home. I must get back to Chicago to visit her again.
Thanks for the memories,

Susan said...

the combed doorway paint, that lamp and shade, the pillow (omg, the pillow), and the table ... so up one of my alleys.

Kickcan and Conkers said...

I posted one of these exquisite handpainted Latvian dowry chests on my Tumblr the other day - the link's a bit long but there are some real beauties !