Tuesday, March 30, 2010

running across rough scree

"Reindeer have the most flexible joints of any hoofed animal- they can scratch their ear with their back hoof and can run across rough scree where a human can barely crawl."
-from The Reindeer People

Don't you love the term "rough scree"?   But doesn't it also sound a little naughty? Or is that just me?

Plus you should click the images to make them larger because you'll be all like, whoa baby!  so do it.

images from the dail mail


Melissa de la Fuente said...

WHOA, baby! :) You were right! I DO love reindeer, their soft, soft looking antlers and the images with all of their antlers glowing in the sun is so lovely....
ps rough scree....(insert beavis and butthead snicker here) :)


OHHH! I love the top image amazing!!How cool would it be to witness that live!