Wednesday, April 28, 2010

auction preview


here's what's up for auction at my local place tomorrow.  i REALLY REALLY REALLY to the hundred millionth degree want that leather sofa up there.  but i've been having bad auction luck lately.  plus it will definitely be more expensive than i can swing. 

except sometimes i don't let that stop me. 

except for real right now i am trying to just appreciate what i have rather than look to the next thing i want. 

except that is hard and sometimes sucks. 

except i'm still going to try. 

except i probably won't succeed.


Mandy Behrens said...

Oh I wish you get that sofa! I've got a crush on that green cabinet -- would drop everything to go with you to that auction if it weren't for the fact that I live in SEATTLE! Cheers!

Melissa de la Fuente said...

I can't help it, I am sending you good vibes to bring home that sofa tomorrow. Why? because it looks like the kind of gorgeous thing you will have forever & hand down to your kiddos and you looooove it. So, naturally I want you to have it! sorry...;( I am no help in the "no buying" category! (fingers crossed)
(ps and I love that sweet blue dresser)

UnaOdd -Lynn said...
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UnaOdd -Lynn said...

Swoon!!!!..for the little cabinet with all the compartments......:^O... and the wire plant holder?

May the leather-sofa-auction gods be favorable to you!

(sorry about the deleted post!)

ethanollie said...

cabinet cubby thingy please...will you take over the phone bids on my behalf?

solsticehome said...

go for that sofa! and btw, blood run thick..i was just going to ask for the green gray cubby thingy and i see ethanollie beat me to it! little sh_t

Jane Flanagan said...

I love the wire plant holder in the second image! I'll have my fingers crossed for your sofa luck!!

Kickcan and Conkers said...

I'd like that distressed blue dresser - lovely!
Juts seen a link in things magazine which reminded me of your beautiful child's map

Tess said...

Oh man. That sofa is definitely great. I get so stressed at auctions! I'm just not the competitive type and I take hours to decide on how much I'm willing to pay. Eek.

nativekee said...

i hope you get it!! sending you perfect energy to receive that sofa!!

Rachel said...

I want that leather couch, too. Wish I could find something like it here in Brooklyn that was actually affordable. Hope you get it!