Wednesday, April 28, 2010

early american folk art.i have grown to love thee

Hey You Guys.

This antiques website, Antique Associates at West Townsend, has a lot to look at from art to textile to smalls to furniture.  I pulled my favorites to share with you here.  I think most of this stuff is dated late 1700s (except civil war picture) and it's all American.  

The top couple items are "embroidered pockets" and then below that a sampler I think is particularly striking because of the dark background and light stitchwork.   After that I included this piece depicting a civil war barracks.  There is something oddly beautiful about this because of the tree stumps.  I dunno.  What do you think?  It gives it an abstract quality.

That next item is a "love token" of a bit of stitckwork meant to fit inside a pocket watch.  C'mon, how sweet is that?  And then there's a way awesome rug which has exceptional color and pattern IMO.  I'd love to have that at my house and I'd probably wake up every morning and give it a little kissing and hugging.  Just as friends.

And then, OMG, the last thing is a hand-written love letter from Even Campbell to Miss Sarah Nance.  Remember the sweet days of courtship people?  Although mine never involved this sort of thing.  And can someone out there please name their next child "Even"???


Anonymous said...

Oh wow, this stuff is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing.

Fine Little Day said...

So many lovely post here. This is so amazing, makes me happy!