Sunday, April 4, 2010

lucy boston

Lucy Boston married in 1917 but divorced in 1939 and bought the moated Manor at Heminford Grey.  She restored it and made it the central character in her book series "Green Knowe."  She did not write her first book until she was 62.  In addition to writing she gardened in the summer and made patchwork quilts in the winter.  She is well-known among quilters for her exquisite patterns, piecing and fabric combinations. 

"She wrote about family belongings in the house and her son Peter Boston illustrated the books, drawing many of these as well as the house and garden."

She wrote, gardened and made her quilts prolifically until her death at age 98.

Her house is open to the public by appointment.  Her daughter-in-law, Diana, helped to restore and maintains the property.  You can call her up and go see all the restored patchwork and the house and garden.  Here's the Green Knowe website.

That would be my idea of a fabulous weekend getaway.

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Wow, I have never heard of her but she sounds inspiring. Those interior shots are absolutely stunning!