Monday, May 17, 2010

around my house + renegade peek

hello smiley faces.  i spent my morning trying to book a last minute flight and hotel for my husband to dallas for a wind power convention and it made me ornery and discombobulated.  every hotel around was booked.  i had about 10 internet windows open comparing and contrasting rates and locations and shuttle access to the convention site.  totally ridic.  and then after a couple hours i get an email from the husband telling me he was having "annette in the vermont office" take care of arrangements.  grr.

so, just some random pics. around the homestead above.  ethan came home this weekend to attend  his cousin's wedding with us.  he still needs to get back to boston and pack up his stuff but then he's done with his first year of art school and home for the summer.  i snuck a picture of him on the front step through this entirely filthy window.  he's a pretty cool dude.

also, take a look at this (scroll down to where it shows peg and awl and black spot books display)!!  margaux and walter are sharing a booth with me at brooklyn renegade this year which you may alreay know.  and this is what our (their) booth is looking like.  i'm so into it.  and can't wait.


Susan Schwake said...

your son is adorable.
i thought i was the only human alive who said "redic" ... at least that is what my kids led me to believe...
hooray for renegade!

Lora said...

i love that picture of your son. it made me nostalgic because i realized that it'll be no time until my little boys are all grown up like him!

Lambert said...

The Renegade display looks fantastic, congrats to whoever made it. Love it.

Annette in the Vermont office is a cracker jack.
No arguing this. So just take the shame, Liane ...

Lisa said...

I like the window just like it is..adds mood to a great shot.

My daughter will be a junior in hs next year. I can't believe how fast time flies. It's bittersweet. Mostly sweet.

Best wishes at Renegade. Wish I could be there!