Thursday, May 6, 2010

old home and molly


i was looking for images of the oldest new england homes early last week and found these.  how about those exterior windows?  and that panelling?  however, i wrote down the source link on a piece of scrap paper and can't find it now. i'll try to locate it and add later.

i also have some auction preview pictures for you in a little bit.  and i'm excited to be going to take pictures for my second local house peek this morning.  but it's cloudy here in NH so hopefully i'm able to get some decent images.

on the molly front, i spent some time yesterday afternoon at her house helping to put in an asparagus bed and raspberry patch.  i brought over some sedum from my house to plant at hers.  her husband, danny, gave me a cutting from their beautiful purple passion plant to bring home. 

they live out in the woods and i walked home at dinner time.  it's a good lengthy walk and gave me time to think.  it was an extraordinarily beautiful day and  there were hundreds of tadpoles in the stream along the dirt road. 


littlebyrd said...

Been thinking about you lots this week and hoping you are feeling ok, as ok as one would feel i guess. This sounds like a really nice day at Molly's place. I bet it is a comfort for her family.
This house here is pretty sweet! How old is it?

Liane said...

Rebekah- Thanks. It's been a hard week. I want to keep sharing a little bit here and it helps. I hope readers are ok with that. Grief is part of life and in the past I have run away from it but this time I'm letting it in.

The house is mid-1600s I think...can't remember exactly. It's in Mass.

ericawalker said...

Hi Love-
I think it's so nice that you've been helping in Mollly's garden and I love the whole idea of sharing from gardens. I cherish the plants that others have shared with me, and that they come with a story I guess.
I've heard a couple of funny and lovely stories about Molly this past week that I'd love to share with you...
My thoughts are with you- xoe

ethanollie said...

i can only hope i have a friend as good as you who would come tend to my garden. i truly believe we live on in things that we create during our living years...our gardens, our homes...and the people we leave behind can then somehow find solace there

Clementine said...

That paneling all around the fireplace kills me. These interiors remind me of Old Deerfield - have you been? Worth the trip, especially in spring when all the trees are blooming. It's about 30 mins from my house but I hardly ever go. I walked around last week (didn't go in any of the houses) and was reminded of what an amazing thing, this whole colony business, was.

And I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend Molly. I agree, working the ground at her house seems like a wonderful way to immerse yourself in her memory and be of comfort to her family.

Sunflower said...

you are blessed to be able to go for a walk in the woods, to see tadpoles and enjoy the beauty of nature so much. we live in the city and i am so tired of it. i miss growing a garden and flowers and having a cat and being able to hear the birds and see trees. cities are fun but they are not fun to live in. thank you for sharing about your walk. it really helped me. i love your blog. it's the very first blog i visit every day! it's so sweet that you went to plant pretty things at Molly's house. I can just imagine how happy she is to see that.

Mandy Behrens said...

Liane - You have a heart of gold...being there for Danny and Molly's family. Please keep sharing more of Molly...and of your feelings. You have an amazing support group here at enhabiten...oh how I wish we could meet up in person. Just know that we are here for you. All my best, Mandy

amy dufour said...

this is the isaac goodale house in ipswich, ma.
it is a first period saltbox originally built in salem and later, however early on, moved to ipswich. the property is as amazing as the house and would be like living in an arthur wesley dow painting.
i believe it recently sold...and there were (happily) many preservation restrictions in place.
: )

Jane Flanagan said...

This is jaw-droppingly awesome.