Wednesday, May 5, 2010


When I'm 75 I want to wear sparkles on my cheeks and earlobes like this woman (sartorialist).

I'm going up to Molly's house to work in the garden this afternoon.  It's " epic garden with wicked straight rows....from which they grew much of their own food."

Here's another little bit about Molly: "She was sparkling, magical and mythical, feisty, courageous, outrageous, humble, intrepid, insatiably curious, meticulous, and dauntless...she possessed an impeccable sense of style and grace."

(Sage- if you read this I was so happy to realize who you are!  When I first read a comment of yours on my blog I said to myself..."Leslie has a daughter named Sage in Maine but could this be her??"  Crazy small world.  I remember you when you were a small girl.  I hope to see you at the service on Saturday.)

Much love,


Sunflower said...

It is so sad about your friend. I left a comment about your post about her the other day, but since reading your newer posts, I feel how sad it must be for you. I don't know what I would do if I lost one of my best friends. I hope things will get better for you and Molly's family. I've lost many family members, including my father, who died several years ago. I miss him so much, even though we weren't as close as I wish we could have been, but I think of him so often and even talk to him sometimes, spirit to spirit. I believe we can still communicate with our loved ones when they are gone from us, because they are really not gone, but just in another place; a much more beautiful, lovely and happy place, I am sure. God bless you for your appreciation of Molly. It sounds like she was a truely wonderful person, (and still is).

Stephanie said...

I was so sad to read of your loss. Take care.

labonnefemme1 said...

"When I am gone, split a piece of wood and I am there; lift a stone and you will find me."

Be with Molly today in her garden...

Posy Moe said...

What a beautiful woman! So sorry for your loss.