Wednesday, May 19, 2010

rainy garden

garden update:

the IRIS and the MOCK ORANGE are ready to pop.
the WEEDING is going slow but steady.
i waterlogged my little CUCUMBER babies and may need to start over.
the transplanting of the PEPPERMINT and SPEARMINT was a stroke of genius (patting self on back) and will be much nicer in their new home.
the POTATOES the neighbor gave me have not popped their little heads out of the ground yet.  i am feeling impatient.  i don't have much room in my garden and don't want to sacrifice a whole bed to a fail.
the COMPOST BINS have not been completed yet and i am trying hard not to pout.
i ate two CHOCO-HONEY MUFFINS this morning with three CUPS OF COFFEE and i'm feeling jittery.  this is not garden news but thought you should know.


Zohar said...

You have such a beautiful garden! I so admire people whith a green thumb (like my mom and sister) - all I'm trying to do is keep my one plant alive in the big city :)

ethanollie said...

i'm laughing at the overturned wheelbarrow. mine never stays upright when it's full. and if it makes you feel better, the mock orange i planted 5 years ago has yet to bloom :(

erin said...

oh, so exciting! i hope your little potatoes hurry up!

Amy Bradstreet said...

Ah, lovely! I love peeking at other people's gardens. My mock orange is almost ready to bloom too, and I saw the first sign of potatoes on Sunday. Yay! Happy Gardening!

infusionfibers said...

I really enjoy seeing your garden progress. I can be kind of a dork about it all and get really giddy when things start growing and blooming! I love this time of year!

Kim said...

Your chocolate and coffee overdose reminds me of when my sister and I went to a really fancy restaurant on an Easter Eve 25 years ago...the husbands stayed with a headache and the other one decided to stay home too so he wouldn't feel badly about not going. Anyway, we had coffee and Death by Chocolate cake. We got so jittery that our hearts started palpitating and we could hardly fill the Easter baskets for our kiddies! Funny now..but kinda scary then!