Friday, June 25, 2010

backyard dusk

what i'm thinking about right now:
i don't really like the word dusk
however i do like that time of day/night
i wish i had a funny person here with me b/c i feel like laughing
i need to wear shoes in the backyard b/c i keep stepping on chicken poo
ewan mcgregor is cute except when he had that  growth on his forehead in motorcycle diaries
i like to roll my eyes
i also like gossip
except sometimes i feel guilty after
i am a good person and a bad person 
probably more good except i'm not really an objective judge
it smells real nice when i go for walks at night in summer
and it's that kind of thing that is best about life


Lisa said...

I like the way you think. ♥

littlebyrd said...

I like it too :)
Have a great weekend Liane.

Lynn D. said...

I like the word twilight although it does have certain associations these days. My favorite is the French word crepuscule. Cats and bats are crepuscular.

Lisa said...

nice. hmm, i was just thinking last night about how much i love that dusky time of day. always have. i remember as a young kid, the thrill of being able to stay up late with the bigger kids in the summer. being outside playing kick the can at dusk and into the dark. catching fireflys. wondering if mom will get ticked if i stay out a little longer. :)

nice post, liane; conjures up nice memories.

(i need to wear shoes in the yard protect from fire ants. those suckers sting bad!)

♥ w o o l f ♥ said...

dusk, to me, seems caught in the texture on the line (photo 1). lovely.

Lady Day said...

Love when you share!

Consider the Lilies said...

Your lilies look lovely. I always enjoy reading your blog.

erin said...

yes, crepuscule! love these photos and the sweet chicks.

Walter Helena said...

Late night walks; sensory bliss. What a lovely space you've created :)

I'm having a fine art giveaway over at my blog if you might be interested in an 8 x 8 giclee original (by me):

xo, WHP