Thursday, June 17, 2010

meaningful moments and old family snapshots

the predator/prey saga continues this morning with the jazzmaster bringing another chipmunk in through the bathroom screen.  olivia and i heard a big clunk coming from the b-room and when we went to inspect we found jazz and the chip on the dining room floor.  the chip was still breathing but lying on it's side.  we couldn't tell if it was simply in shock or mortally wounded. 

so we gave jazz the what-for while she stared up at us unphased and then decided to begin phase I of project chip save.  liv got a towel and i got a box and we carefully scooped the chippy up.  then liv went out to get some grass and clover and such to put in the box so the c-munk would feel more comfy.

and within about 20 minutes we heard scratching and scampering and the little thing was trying to get out of the box. yay us! yay c-munk!

so then we began phase II  of the operation to let the chippy out.  here it is first out of the box:

and then 2 seconds later it hopped real fast back to the fence and it's little underground home.

be free, chipmunk,  and let this be a lesson to keep one eye on the road ahead and one eye out for the evil jazameen.
ok, now on a completely different note, olivia is sitting with me this morning and looking through a ginormous box of old family snapshots.  i just scanned a few random ones.  these pictures make me so happy/sad.  and i just have one word for you, folks.  friends.  dear reader of this silly blog.   and here it is:


me and my sister


me and peter


ethan and olivia



labonnefemme1 said...

Without time, there would be no memories and you seem to have some great ones.

Lisa said...

i love family photos. so sweet.

Mandy Behrens said...

These are precious!!! Thx for sharing sweet Liane!


Those photos are great! I love your chipmunk story, I have been saving animals from the clutches of my hungry cats for years. I had one cat who loved bring live birds into the house and them setting them free. I think she liked watching us scramble around trying to get the bird out. Like her one private human show! You know what they say"love your cats, hate the game"