Thursday, July 29, 2010


i stopped at a friend's antique place today on a whim and found some great items.  i am a sucker for sweet folky decorative painting these days and i found a couple things i had to get.  i have to say that stuff i may have considered too cute-zoid in the past i am now fawning over.  i think i'll be listing the above bits in the shop tonite or tomorrow morning. 

i'll also be putting this crazy quilt pillow in the shop.  I love the embroidery which looks like fireworks to me.

and if you've asked me about the new inside out pillows, i found a terrific crazy quilt top with stitching on the underside which makes my heart ache a little.  i'll be turning it into inside out pillows next week.

oh, and dahlings, i went to look at a junky old A-FRAME (i just have to put that all in caps every time i write it for some reason) and it's out in the middle-of-nowheres and i mean it.  and all i could hear as i sat there was the wind in the trees and i called the number on the for sale sign and left a message and did you even know that i want to live in the middle of nowheres in a junky old A-FRAME maybe??

hey have a good night.


Angela (Posy Moe) said...

Loving your decorative arts finds. I've been doing beaucoup research on folk art and primitive arts lately for some writing I'm doing. Might have to tip toe over to your shop later. A-FRAME, huh? Verrry, interesting.

tara said...

we have to leave this farmhouse by the fifteenth of september and i'm dreaming that we're going to find the smallest of A-frames to live our our Vermont winter. we really need to get together, je pense.
(also? if that spoon hasn't sold i'm nabbing it. for the A-frame, and all.)

Nicomi "Nix" Turner said...

I love that quilt pillow!