Monday, July 19, 2010

fantasy world real life and vintage dresses

here's the deal:
1. i'm totally into these fancy vintage dresses from carmelized vintage

2. i went free blueberry picking yesterday with jason.  there is an abandoned old pyo field down the road from his place.  i plan to go back a few more times before the season is over.  blueberries all winter, i say.

3. along with the blueberries i brought a tick home with me, too.  why are ticks so gross is my question?

4. i also went swimming at pleasant pond with eli.  which was fun except there was a large group of 13 yo boys playing marco polo and they were kind of dominating the joint.  plus they kept spitting into the water and i'd be lying if i told you i wasn't concerned about the fact that they were probably peeing into it too.

5. an old friend emailed me the other day.  this made me happy.  if you are reading this becky, thank you!

6. i am dreaming about a cabin on a land trust with an apple orchard and sheep.  i'll be visiting this place next week.  dreaming, fantasizing, creating elaborate pictures in my mind of it.  this is what i do.  i have a good imagination.  and when i get excited about something it works overtime.  more on this at a later date.


littlebyrd said...

What a great vintage shop that is! I love reading your posts :)

ooglebloops said...

Love the first dress!!!

Kim said...

The first two dresses are so you, Lianne! I really think so!

Kim said...

Whoops..I put two NNs in your name. I guess I was thinking of the 2 dresses and got carried away.

Jill said...

pleasant pond, like in francestown?
i usually go to scobie pond on the other side of town. i'll be swimming there tomorrow :)

rebecca said...

i am here.
i am glad.