Wednesday, August 18, 2010

black house


alas.  i am currently obsessing over black painted houses and after looking around the web i see apartment therapy and door sixteen are all, been there done that.  nothing is new.  copying is the highest form of flattery.  we are all in the process of reinventing the wheel.  whatever.  eye roll.  (here's where the *haha* alternative would come in handy..this time to distinguish between me being a *itch and me being *funny*.)  i know. sometimes the two are indistinguishable.  just ask my husband.


aren't black painted houses so super cool?!?  i started mulling it over when i saw this image below on katy elliott's blog.

i likey.


Verhext said...

&& it's still pretty traditional colonial/new englandy!! i love black houses. my super country-colonial mom loves black houses. go figure.

Handprinter said...

you might like the black fishing huts on the Swedish Island of Faro in the Baltic Sea.

Angela (Posy Moe) said...

So super cool, indeed.

Alison said...

LOVE black houses. I want to live in one someday!