Tuesday, August 24, 2010

frye boots cheap

hello!  i just want to see of any of y'all have any interest in these boots....they are frye and the style is paige.  they are knee high with cuffs that can fold over or not.  i bought them last year and i only wore them a handful of times so they're in good shape.  they are size 9.  i'm embarassed to say i spent a few hundred bucks on them!  i never do that.  it was a huge splurge which didn't pan out.  i actually really like them- they're pretty slick.   but i just can't pull them off for some reason.  i don't know.  maybe it's all in the attitude and, um, maybe i don't have it.  or maybe i'm just too much of an old biddie.  but anywayz, i'd sell them for $100.  OMG what a dealio!!  if you are interested shoot me an email at enhabiten@live.com.


alexkeller said...

oh, my! i hope you don't miss them

m.fay said...

what a darling blog you have. happy to find it. hope you stop by mine and say hello. x