Tuesday, August 24, 2010

still got my funny bone

i did spend the entire day yesterday cleaning my studio.  and then i grabbed the piles of enhabiten paperwork after dinner and starting organizing it all.  dinner, by the way, was pasta with fresh corn and tomatoes and basil.  it was a quick recipe i found online using ingredients i had in the cupboard and in the garden.  and speaking of food, i just had some toast with the peach jam i made this weekend.  and speaking of the fact that i am practically living off the land i also made bunches of tea bags for the winter with the couple kinds of mint i dried from the garden.  (you can buy empty tea bags at the food co op.)  and to top it all off i am going to pick up bushels of tomatoes from the farm my son worked at this summer to can sauce tomorrow.  deal is that the farm gives me free stuff, i can it, we share the canned goods.  and god help me if that doesn't remind me of a song from my past by greg brown called canned goodsfollow this link to listen.  one time after a show i went up to greg in the lobby and told him i loved him and he said thank you.  i probably already told you that story but it bears repeating.  it was funny.  you shoulda been there. 

so anyways, one of my favorite flicker contacts, riana, posted this here nugget of astrological wisdom recently.  it really fits with my life currently.  i like astrology.  i thought you might wanna read it and ponder.  do i believe in it?  i actually think i do. 

you know i'm in a sort of messy thicket of life messiness.  but i still got my funny bone. 



Verginger said...

I, for one, am a grateful beneificary of your well-honed funnybone and exquisite taste. Thanks for that

annamaria said...

Oh...that astrological analysis that your friend wrote, just hit home so hard. I used to be very interested in astrology, then life tooks other routes, but I do have a moon in Pisces and this info just hugged all my hurts right now-so much so that I expect my tears to ruin my computer as they fall on the keyboard-ai...ai...- ok., not really, but it felt like it...I have found lovely inspiration in your blog lately- I have gone through a very self-negating period and you have helped by reminding me the things I really love, and you have made me laugh, which is so great- thanks!
Annamaria :)

erin said...

oh my gosh. i don't remember hearing that story. i love that story. and greg brown. so much. cheers to living off the land.