Thursday, September 23, 2010

life stuff

just working working working lately.  you?  i think one of these days i might turn into a pillow.  the crazy quilt patches i hand sewed onto the last couple pillows in my shop are real fun to look at.  so there you go.

and today i think i will get out and go for a walk.  i've missed it the past couple days.  you know if you read my blog regularly (you DO don't you??) that i'm a walker.  i would run but my left knee is kind of bum and starts hurting after the first mile or so.  so i walk.  my favorite route is about 5 miles long.  this habit allows me to eat cake when i want and it keeps me sane.  relatively.

i'm also heading out shortly to go to breakfast with 2 favorite friends.  good times.

in other news, i went through my flickr stream and created a couple new sets.  one, oh the vanity, is a set of ME.  you know, self-portraits.  and the other is friends and family.

and i want to say that stephanie is really an inspiring individual.  look what she's doing.

and also that i just finished this seriously surreal and weird and controversial book.  and now i'm reading this book.



Anonymous said...

i like the John Waters quote on that site there but my brain scrambled about the rest at first glance.I'll take a peek another day.
Your books sound good. anymore I find myself engaged in or wanting to be engaged in these great big conversations about society and society+psychology and this has given me the notion that my husband and i should for our own little book club to discuss. that would be fun.

Stephanie said...

Hey, thank you. That means a lot, coming as it does from such a wise and creative soul.

I hope the walks are resuming - this time of year is just about perfect for walking, especially if you like to scuff along in leaves.