Monday, September 6, 2010

art, origami and devendra banhart

andy goldsworthy

still shot from "between the folds"

i watched a couple real good documetary videos this weekend. rivers and tides about artist andy goldsworthy and between the folds about origami.  watch them if you get the chance.  i'm not much of an origami person so if you are the same don't let it scare you away from this video.  also sharing a little devendra banhart.  the backdrop is not much to look at but i like this version of this song.

see you tomorrow friendsies,


david john said...

love the andy goldsworthy documentary!

Loup said...

Dear liane

I am an Andy Goldsworthy fan for more than many years. I regognized his picture with the ice around the tree immediatly.

Although you give tribute to him in the video you recommend (a video you have to pay for which in fact is not bad but then you do advertise for ) I think it would be more than decent to put his name under the picture you posted on your blog.
Not everyone has the time or the intention to watch the video.

What do you think lianne?

Elissa said...

I love Andy Goldsworthy! I saw the documentary a few years ago and I can't believe the patience he has to make his art. One of these days I'm going to get up to the Storm King Art Center to see his wall.