Friday, September 3, 2010

crazing and klaksvik

above are a few things i'd love to have around my house via vintage etsy shops solstice homejoie de cleve and bezoellner's.  i actually love crazing on old pottery.  and i love the graphic lines of these items.

and here's a video for you.  it's a guy by the name of leif vollebekk.  do you recall the post i did once about the faroe islands?  i wanna go to klaksvik:


so long  for the long weekend,


Susan said...

I'm crazy for crazing too! Love the video, there are at least five frames I'd love to paint. Or, even better, I'd like to dive right in and live it. Happy weekending, hope spirits are rising (like bread). I'm heading east to Brimfield (eeek! first time ever) on Monday, wish it was near where you live cuz I'd leave a flower on your porch : ) as a quiet lil "hi".

solsticehome said...

hey there missy
thanks for the mention, and i think it would look just lovely in your home.
have a wonderful weekend