Wednesday, September 8, 2010

vintage fabric bracelets

i've been working on a wholesale order which includes some of these fabric cuffs.  it's been real enjoyable working with and looking at these old fabrics.  and this is the fall look i have in my mind's eye:

one of these cuff bracelets with a three-quarter sleeve vintage sweater layered over a vintage graphic tee, a knee-length courderoy skirt, tights in a solid color found in the cuff fabric, leather ankle boots, maybe hair in pokey little braids.

meanwhile i'm sitting here at the computer wearing a ratty t-shirt, paint stained sweats, my hair is kind of still sticking up from bed head and i have coffee breath.  my imagination is so much better than reality..

so the point of this is, as autumn is knocking at our door here in the northeast usa i'm giving a little discount on these cuff bracelets cuz they really make a nice cool weather accessory...lots of hand-stitching, totally amazing vintage prints, one of a kind.  just leave the code word AUTUMN in the note to seller at check out and i'll reimburse you $5 via paypal.


andrea creates said...

They look really great!Love the vintage fabrics :)

Sara said...

I had a mild panic. Etsy was not letting me enter the state field and I thought "someone else is going to wear *my* bracelet!" Woo, close call. Now I'll sit on the porch and wait to harass the mailman.

Rajni said...
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Rajni said...

Looking very stylish and beautiful. I think these are the most demand full bracelets for today's market.