Saturday, October 2, 2010

PIE EATING CONTEST + new enhabiten

good saturday morning!  it's finally STOPPED RAINING here in the northeast usa.  phew.  enough is enough.  and just in time too because eli, my 12 yo, has been asked to judge the APPLE PIE CONTEST at the big event in town this fall.  main street will be blocked off to cars and there will be all sorts of vendors and autumn activities and live music.  eli will be the pie tasting YOUTH JUDGE.  too funny.  he's pretty excited i just overheard him telling his cousin about it, all nonchalant like, but i could tell he was feeling pretty IMPORTANT.  

so anyways.  i have been rounding out the small cross buckwheat hull, lavender or balsam pillows in my shop.  i wanted to make sure all the scents and colors were available.  also added some other embroidered DNA-esque pillows to my shop and some vintage.  

i also wanted to remind you that i have a schmillion items in my sale section and if you want to check out One Small Summer, you can have an extra $5 off any pillow there with code word APPLE PIE.  I will reimburse you ASAP.  Except of course the wee pillows already priced at $5.  Those you can have 2 for $5.  OMG.  Same deal.  Purchase them and use the code word APPLE PIE and I will reimburse you the discount.

Ok, My Darling Dears, have a good one.  


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