Friday, November 26, 2010

the house of electra

while we we in vermont tara and i had to stay in that ole shack of a thing up there. 
place was unbelievable.  i think 40-something rooms.  beautiful grounds.  it was the summer fox hunting place of electra havemeyerand really the kicker was we stayed in the  good thing tara's not a serial-killer, i say.
and as she was leaving us for the night the lovely woman who was our guide said, "now i've promised that each of you will be sleeping on different floors...."
we didn't question it.  we were tired.  but then later we looked at each other and were all like, "WHO did she promise we would sleep on different floors and more importantly, WHY???" 

and then also i wanted to share the only pictures i got of the inside of the house.  funny.  the place was packed with stuff but it was dark and i was drinking wine and....well, this is all i got.  which is a shame because there were some great rugs, amazing wood panelling, etc. etc.  the wallpaper in some of the rooms was very laura ashley...but this postage stamp chair was stinking cute.  you agree, no?
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