Monday, November 22, 2010

pojogi:i love:vermont:inside out

korean patchwork via here, here and here.

thank you so much katherin for including me in this post.  such wonderful things and thoughtfully written.

so let us just do a little "i love" here for the heck of it.


kitchen utensils image via.  i think...
hat via.  soo cute.
and i want that sofa. badd.  via.  originally via.
real good stuff in that last link.  real good.
and this illustration via.  so adorbs. 
i think she did sarah's blog header as well.
i love them both.

ok so i do have photos to share from my little trip to vermont recently.  i think i'll get to that tomorrow.  and i did just a bit of scouting yesterday and found a quilt i think will work for some new inside out pillows but i need to take it apart and wash it and see what's what.  one problem with using vintage materials is that the fabric dyes are not so fixed.  the silky materials typically used in crazy quilts are real runny when washed and this can ruin my repurposing plans.  drat.  fingers crossed peeps.  cuz i'm jones-ing for some inside out pillows.


Pesky Cat Designs said...

The korean quilts look like stained glass windows on fabric!

evencleveland said...

I love those Korean quilts. Nice, nice choices all round!

annekata said...

Hi Liane, not only do I have my fingers crossed, but my toes are crossed, too! Because I really want to get one. Love those pojagi images.