Saturday, November 20, 2010

10% off everything with coupon!

I've decided to extend my weekend sale to everything in my shop so that I can try out the new Etsy coupon system.  When you purchase anything at enhabiten type in the coupon code "weekendy" and automatically receive 10% off.  OMG.  Without getting reimbursed or requesting a revised invoice!  No more olde-timey sales shenanigans over at Etsy, people.  The Coupons are AU-TO-MA-TIC!


jessica said...

whaaaat! i'm so behind. i don't know anything about this new wonderful thing! awesome & good luck with the sale!!

Lambert said...

Neither did I. Sweet new feature!
You are on top of your game Liane, as usual.

Emilie said...

Your header is so adorable!