Friday, November 12, 2010

sunday in bed

the giveaway winner is.....sunday in bed!  yay!  sunday, email your address to and i will put the book in the mail.

i spent the early morning hours today watching youtube videos of vandana shiva, jerry mander and derrick jensen.  oy.  am i trying to make my head explode?

but now i'm going to go out back and play in the dirt before it gets too frozified.  i need to rip up the dead plants from this season and get them into the compost bins.  and then in theory i plan to rake leaves this weekend. 

i've had a few weeks of not enough outdoor time.  i need air. 

the pictures are random about the house ones.  the painting at the top is by ethan.  it's got some nice brushwork you can't appreciate in my photos. 

i had some new heels put on the vintage boots i bought awhile ago.  and then i dropped off these vintage leather cleats i bought at auction for the shoe repair guy to resole.  they are going to make sweet little flats.


Qasar said...

I like this post great work indeed well don keep posting.
Double Beds

Mandy said...

I love your style, great boots, and color coded books, I have a plant the same as the one in the first pic outside my house in a big pot, my favorite ..... even your give away draw (brown ripped paper) ... love it!!!

Steph said...

was just at a Vandana Shiva lecture on Tues at my alma heroine...

Antico Valore said...

i love your photos! you are superrrr!!