Thursday, November 11, 2010

up since four

does waking up at 4 AM everyday qualify as insomnia?  if so, i've got it.  so now 7:20 in the AM is kind of like my lunch time.  and if i'm not in bed by 8 i'm a lunatic zombie.  annoying. 

i'm heading down to boston shortly.  but i wanted to remind you of this giveaway.  i will pick a winner tonite and post the result tomorrow.

the images above have been on my flickr forevah but i thought i'd post a couple here.  they are from a trip we made to olde sturbridge village in 2009. 

oh, also i make notes to myself about things i want to see or read in my moleskin weekly notebook (which i love btw).  i thought i'd share them here with you periodically.  one is this documentary (the title of which always makes me titter.  really immature, i know):

and another is this book by this author:

till then,

1 comment:

Sarah said...

you got me beat (i'm a 5:30'er)