Thursday, December 2, 2010

edipul fwess

this is a picture of two of my kids on the left with their cousin on the right.  it was taken maybe a dozen years ago.  ethan is 20 now and liv is 18.  crazy. 

this picture is sitting next to me in my office propped on an old slate blackboard.  tangentially, it's a giant vintage blackboard which used to be in the high school here in town.  i grew up with the guy who takes care of the school...building and grounds....and he knew i would love it so when they got new ones he drove it over here in his pick up truck and surprised me.  good man.

anyway, the picture...when liv was little, say between the ages of 4-6, she refused to wear pants.  i had collected a bunch of thrifted vintage dresses for her and every morning she would wake up and say..

"i want to wear an edipul fwess." 

translation: beautiful dress. 

i'm getting choked up thinking about those days.  that funny saying of hers and that sweet sweet time in our lives.


Carlene said...

That is so sweet! I'm sorry it choked you up, it put a smile on my face this morning.

The Oak Leaves said...

lovely memory

am said...

very sweet..i have plans for a book (one day) of these kind of children words:jabamas, opamealmeal, papple, would you mind if I added edipul fwess to the list?

Liane said...

am- yes, of course you can add that to your list. :)

Michelle said...

this brought tears to my eyes...such a sweet story...why must they grow up?

rebecca said...

Do you remember Olivia loved the music from Beauty and the Beast?

Liane said...

hi beck.
yes, i remember. remember how bossy she used to be? well...she still is. :)
i'm glad we have shared memories.

am- was just thinking of more kid words. my youngest said "menember" for remember.

Jane Flanagan said...

This post is just so beautiful. Thank you for sharing.