Thursday, December 2, 2010

more auction and me outfit

i'm going to meet my husband at the auction tonite.  here are some more picks for you to peruse.  advice welcome.  anything here awesome or anti-awesome in your opinion?  actually, i'm still driving the rental corolla so large objects aren't realistic purchases.  but in case you didn't know, i'm not terribly realistic.

i'll be bringing my knitting with me like a good old auction lay-dee.  it'll be fun no matter.

and i was gonna post these another time but i'm gonna throw some more pictures on here:

i got the vintage fair isle sweater last night at an antiques shop ($14).  it's got a nice old tag on it and i think it's circa 1950s but i'm a total amateur about vintage clothes.  also last night i found an old blue le crueset pot and bought it for $11.  and here's a picture of those vintage leather baseball cleats i got resoled.  i freaking love them.  and i'm still feeling pretty high on myself for thinking up the idea.  plus i'm wearing an antique linen night gown as a dress today.  stylin'.

ok, enough with the small talk and, frankly, the procrastination.  i got orders to fill.  it's just that i like you guys so much. and you're all so pretty.



suffragette said...

those shoes are brilliant! love them!

Carlene said...

The beads, you need to get the beads. (I would bid on the beads, if I were you. )

Kickcan and Conkers said...

I love that white chest thing with the compartiments and those shoes!!! I bet you look lovely in your antique nightdress.

Lambert said...

I do hope you are wearing the blue Le Creuset pot on top of your head to complete the look.
This would be beyond sartorialist!

nativekee said...

love it all, but especially you being "high on" yourself! fantastic!! we have to applaud all our triumphs and celebrate each victory!!
the shoes are awesome.. enjoy! xo