Friday, January 7, 2011

bowls and balls (sorry) oh and books

why hello.  good thanks, and you?

i'm getting ready to do a pretty good shop update beginning on monday.  pete has given me a tentative yes that i may be able to put a couple of his handmade wooden bowls in the shop then.  i'm pretty excited about that.  also working to complete a knitted rag ball rug for the update.  i expect that may not be in the shop till later in the week. 

fyi- my plan is to empty out much of the contents of the shop this weekend.  i will be offering a real limited selection of cross pillows beginning monday but with the possibility of some cross pillow custom orders as requested.  if you want a cross pillow you may want to take advantage of my 25% off sale right now with the coupon code HAPPYNEWYEAR.  the sale will end first thing tomorrow morning eastern usa time.  and monday please look for some new stuff at enhabiten!  i'm looking forward to a bit of shop freshening.  i really hope you like what i've been working on.

that last picture is a bowl my friend rachel made.  it was my christmas present and i love it.

and i want to share something with you i found out about via NPR.  i'm a big big NPR fan, listening to it all day every day in the studio, and a good number of the books i read are gleaned from listening to the radio. 
such as this one:

here's a link about it and i would suggest following the subsequent link to the audio interview.  i really look forward to reading this.


Lambert said...

I want the ragballs in the picture, no kidding. Love them!

Mandy Behrens said...

Beauties! Also interested in that book. Thinking of you! -Mandy

Anonymous said...

i'm excited to see what's to come!
that article was good.