Monday, January 24, 2011

walk in the woods and in the fields

i had the best time snoweshoeing with my friend lisa yesterday.  everything was perfect.  the sun was perfect.  the snow was perfect.  the wide open fields and view of mountains all perfection.  the way the paths through the woods were like tunnels of underbrush...that was so perfect.  it was quiet and brisk.  i took these photos with my cell phone.  wish you were there to experience it.


erin said...

took a similar walk yesterday. so very restorative. hope you're staying warm!

An Urban Cottage said...

A friend in Vermont wanted me to go snowshoeing once so I went up and I rented snowshoes. I wanted to enjoy the landscape and take pictures of the meandering black streams that had beautifully carved out the deep snow....and the moose poop. She wanted to run a marathon. I hated it; she was pissed off.

I'd like to do it again on my own sometime.

annamaria said...

Yes indeed- it looks perfect!Haven't been here for a while, I had lost your blog- glad to have found it again- take care-