Friday, March 18, 2011

i'm captivated by this body of work.
and have you heard of the UP documentary series?  i watched 42up last night and i'm a bit unhinged by it.  if we were sitting across the table i'd give you an earful of my thoughts.  (i'm impressed by those bloggers who write a real essay sort of thing and spend time sorting out their ideas on a subject and offering something substantial for us readers to consider.  i am not one of those.)  but i do like alerting you to the things i find noteworthy as i go about my days.  so maybe watch it if you are interested or tell me what you thought if you've already seen it.  i guess 49up is already out?  i think i read that 56up will be out this year??  anyway, i will be looking out for these.  they are unsettling and fascinating.



Suzy said...

i watched all of these a few years ago. it's the realest shit ever. i still feel neil in certain corners of my heart.

UnaOdd -Lynn said...

Wow. Thank you for posing this. I was not familiar with this series.

I find it unsettling to see real people's lives being dissected and passing by in such a compressed way. Intense and interesting but unsettling.

The clip you linked just wrenches at the gut.

Dominique K said...

Je découvre ce photographe avec joie.
Merci pour le lien.

Hannah said...

There's such a quiet sadness to those photos by Alexander Gronsky. Thanks for posting!