Sunday, March 20, 2011

knit string

this is so simple but really a pleasure to wear.  feels like a butterfly has landed on your wrist or something.  seriously.  are you laughing at me right now?  anyway, it's real affordable. 
and in my shop today.

i've been knitting with this postal string and i have some scarves, both au natural and hand-dyed which will be in my shop this week.  i hope you like the new goods!


Anonymous said...

I loved seeing the knitted bracelets you used to make. Nice to see them again. There is a comfort in them - even just looking at them. And they are perfect for a mostly non-jewelry (metal sensitive) person.

Jeff and Aubree Gittins said...

Can you tell me where you got the postal string? Your bracelet is beautiful.

Liane said...

hi aubree- i bought it at my local hardware store. i do have a couple of the bracelets left however they are not currently in my shop. if you'd like one let me know! xx liane