Monday, March 21, 2011

print gocco for sale

ok,'s my pg-5 print gocco for sale.  there are 3 unused screens and 8 bulbs.  the ink on the right of the picture is for cloth and to the left for paper.  i think the only ones really used are the white and black for cloth but there's still lots left in those tubes.  my boy ethan used it a couple times and i used it a few times.  it's a cool little machine but i'm not good at it and it doesn't really suit me.  so after having it on my shelf a few years i figured i'd pass it along. last picture you can see that there is dried paint on the printing's just cosmetic and won't affect your printing.  i never said i was neat and orderly...
i want to sell it all for $125 plus shipping and i do want to insure the package.  i also want to sell it within the usa so i don't have to worry about it getting lost in transit.  email me at and first person gets it.  let me know where you are located so i can charge accurate shipping.  and i will post a note here when it's sold.  i will invoice you via paypal and ship it out tomorrow.


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