Tuesday, May 10, 2011

auction picks


here are some auction picks available here.

and speaking of old stuff, i was planning on driving down to brimfield antiques fair tomorrow but now i'm thinking friday instead.  anyone out there going to be there??  if i go i will for sure take pictures to share with you all. 

beyond that i just ain't got much for ya....i just finished a wholesale order.  i'm still living in the land of chaos but eventually want to share pictures of where i am and what i'm doing to the place.  so we can look forward to that.  i know i do.


A Deegan said...

i love your auction picks, there's always something to lust over, today its the workbench for me

The Oak Leaves said...

oh man i would kill to have that work bench... so great!

An Urban Cottage said...

I love the backs of those old frames. Great as a box for assemblages or constructions.

Evie said...

Ooh, just as well I'm far away - very tempting array of stuff and I've no more space in my house!!