Thursday, May 19, 2011

on my mind

i need to put some shelves up in my "kitchen" which is really just a corner of a larger living space which is also my "living room" and my "dining room."   i'm going to hang some old boards up with brackets like the examples above.  i also happen to have a collection of old crates so i want to hang a couple like amy did.  

most courageous act

the other thing on my mind is a seed of a project revolving around events in our lives asking us for a bravery we may not have known we were capable.   i'd love to hear your most courageous act.  if you would care to share you can leave a comment here or email me at  i've got some ideas for an art project on this theme.

thanks in advance.  and please keep in mind that you can submit your story anonymously or request that your story not be shared online here on the blog if you like.


Kimberly said... may sound ridiculous but I threw myself between my mother's aging dog and a raving lunatic of a dog the size of a buffalo that was hell-bent on hurting something! I took a few bites to the leg to spare my mom's dog.

Love_Again said...

so many good shelving ideas..i wish i wasn't living in a rental, and could give some of these ideas a go.

Jane Flanagan said...

Love the shelving inspiration.

I think emigrating was my most courageous act though I don't think I realized at the time!

rebecca said...

telling my truth
and standing alone because of it