Wednesday, May 18, 2011

rustic reuse

i can really see myself living in a place like this.  i found the image here, but i didn't see a link to the original source.  i'd love to know more about this place if anyone out there knows more about it/who designed it.  i love this design for it's thinking outside the box concept.  i find a lot of modern architecture cold but at the same time i'm starting to move away from seeing myself in an old home only.  the little cabin i'm living in now isn't old but it has a rustic feel.  in a way i think i can invent a space here without the constraints i felt living in an old new england cape.  i feel a little freer in the environment i can create around me.


Verhext said...

It's not the same place, but I stayed in a much more rustic version a few years ago:

simon said...

so hi. i figure that now would be a good time to introduce myself, a devoted reader. a couple of months ago, i stumbled upon enhabiten while doing a search of dorothea lange images. i liked the dress in a particular image and voila. very random. i had just before that gotten into a few other craft-esque blogs and, well, enhabiten was quickly added to the reading queue.

anyway, the shipping container cabin is officially the holyoke cabin. i first found it here,, but there's quite an archive of information scattered all over the inter-web about this lovely little space.