Tuesday, July 19, 2011

i got back to new hampshire last night after maybe 22 hours of driving in 2 days.  umph.  i was on an errand as a favor to my mother so it wasn't fun and games but i did stop briefly at niagara falls.  astrologically speaking i am an air sign but i do love water.  i am not kidding.  as a kid i spent summers on a small lake catching tadpoles, eating peanut butter sandwiches on the dock, swimming across that lake and back.  i was a champion underwater breath-holder and i held the "bobbing" record.  i can bob until everyone else has lost interest and gone up to the house to play scrabble or out front to climb trees.  i can bob until everyone else has even forgotten i am out there bobbing.

we all have out secret strengths.

so anyway, re. niagara, we went to that spot on the usa side where you walk out right underneath the falls and we got sprayed like crazy.  i screamed like a maniac and periodically pumped my fists up in the air in triumph.  i got drenched.  i couldn't see or sense anything but waves of water coming at me.  it was a thrill.   afterward as i was walking back down the path i had one of those "we are all connected in one big happy human family" experiences.  i was grinning like a dope and all high-fiving the other people who had just been out there with me.  we were giving the dry people who were just walking out to get soaked knowing winks and stuff.  let's go again sometime, ok?

aren't these funny pictures of the horse sticking his/her head out of the trailer on the interstate?  have you ever seen that before?  it cracked me up.


erin jane / atlantictreefox said...

I love seeing horses on the highway!! I've seen pigs before too. Their silly tails stick out. Pfft!

Tess, That'll Do said...

I went to Niagara Falls when I was young, living nearby in Michigan. I don't think you really appreciate the majestic things in the world when you're 12 years old, so I'll have to plan to go there again sometime.

Susan Schwake said...

oh wonderful photos of on the road. and the falls. such memories of childhood at niagara falls! yet another place to take my husband. 22 hours! eeps. welcome home.
psst: loving my little lavender pillow, it's giving me sweet dreams.

Susan Schwake said...
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nicole said...

OH, I love those connecting moments too! Reminds me that we all have little kids living inside us, waiting to be amazed by this crazy ol' world.