Friday, July 1, 2011

i've been out walking daily after a hiatus following my house move.  one walk is 7 miles long but feels more like the old 5-miler i did several times a week last year.  this house is on the new route...i love the curtains in the downstairs window, the worn paint, stained thing i'd love to have is a screened in eating and sleeping porch.  i love sleeping out in the fresh air without bugs.  if ever i have a porch like this one i will put a comfy bed on it first thing.

i also found this turtle, i think a baby snapping, out on a walk.  look how prehistoric the underside is.  it was in the middle of the road so i moved it to the side on the edge of a little pond.

last, i am at the portsmouth open market again this sunday.  come visit!  here are a couple pictures from the last time i set up there:

i do not have an elaborate market display.  i feel like i need to step it up a bit but finding the time to devote to this is a challenge.  the real good news is that my sister and her family, with whom i have been living for the past few months, are moving this week!  i'm looking forward to showing you the progress i am making in my little house as i clean and paint and organize and get all my things in their proper place.  i've been waiting on this day for awhile.  i've taken some pretty funny "before" pictures.  we have been living in some serious crowded chaos.  i guarantee you some chuckles and some how the jackrabbit can she have lived like that but then when you see the "after" pictures you are gonna be all like "girl you got some rad decorating skillz!"



greenemama said...

agree about the porch, what a perfect sleeping place. isn't it sad that porches are so badly lacking?

Tess, That'll Do said...

That house is a dream! One thing I really love about New Hampshire is how so many of the homes have chipped paint. (Here in Salem, they are all obsessively painted.)

ashley said...