Saturday, July 2, 2011

like no one is watching

via the always entertaining rummage blog


Owlie said...

oh goodness, what a great thing to wake up to, ha haha!

thanks for that great video, liane!

Owlie said...


1. i love that the little guy just kept going the whole time and rolling under the big guys legs. what a funny little hobbit!
2. obviously there is nothing funnier that what i call the monkey man dance, and sped up to the music no less. priceless.
3. i am sort of envious of how much of a great time they seem to be having and thing i must have my own crazy dance party now.

Sara said...

Ah, virtual club members in action. Our foolish joyful hearts in full expression. thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hey! That's how I dance! When maybe only Steven is watching. So much fun!

. said...

oh my gosh I'm dying from this. reminds me a little of technoviking about 2 years ago. if you haven't seen those, it's so worth it.

thanks for posting this!